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—  What Wealth Inequality in America Looks Like: Key Facts & Figures,

“ Despite some fluctuation, the large racial and ethnic wealth gaps remain essentially unchanged when looking at white/black and white/Hispanic families. In 2016, the typical white family had about 10 times the wealth of the typical black family and about 7.5 times the wealth of the typical Hispanic family.”​


Young Female Student

"Educating men and women from all backgrounds to create financial stability and build generational wealth."

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2021 Mary A. Scholarship Recipients

Djennica St-Hilaire
Freshman; Haiti High School Student

Dawanya Shuler
Senior; West Chester University

Scheider Alexis
Freshman; Haiti High School Student

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Family 3.png

What People Are Saying About Us!

What Are People Saying About Us

“Moore 4 More has inspired me to aim for my dreams. They advise me on business ideas, personal opportunities, and financial decisions. M4M has encouraged me to budget, create entrepreneur opportunities, increase my credit, and investment in my 401K. I appreciate and enjoy my biweekly coaching. I appreciate the encouragement through financial tips and resources"
Mark Johnson
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