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Purple House Project PA Inc. Is a Delaware County, Pennsylvania based non-profit. Our mission is to strengthen, empower,and transition women who experience Intimate Partner violence via connection to essential  resources that will aid in the healing process. 


The inspiration behind Motown Mystic came from my decision to help Black folks, especially Black femmes tap into the innate magick that we carry and to explore healing exclusively for us and by us. I wanted to catalyze change in my community by creating something that inspires others to connect to our ancestors and receive healing in ways that are not traditionally known or available.


Motacular is a brand dedicated to everything digital and self-improvement. Specializing in resume revision or building, public speaking coaching and presentation preparation. Experience in corporate America and several national organizations has helped prepare the foundation! Our motto is "Growing in Knowledge and Digital Content." 


GET THE ACCEPTANCE LETTER ACADEMY was founded by Dr. Treasure Shields Redmond. It is where she helps busy parents of college bound teens secure top tier education without massive debt.


Acornic Consulting recognizes that all great things start small and is a partnership focused on supporting you in your goal journey! Much like the people we work with, Acornic Consulting can't fit into a box and has worked on a variety of projects. Acornic provides editing, proofreading, and writing services. Whether it is writing your perfect bio for your website launch, sprucing up your outdated resume for your dream job, editing your blog posts, or even developing a curriculum for a new non-profit program, Acornic Consulting is there for you!

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We all have the power to "Achieve Greatness."


Web design, brand building, and business services for small business owners. Remember to ask about the Moore 4 More discount when inquiring about a web design package.

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C. Davis Consulting Group LLC is a nonprofit and small business consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning and implementation, administration functions, and tax preparation services for new business owners. Chardae Davis B.S. MPA; (owner) and her esteemed associates assist nonprofit organizations and small businesses through the state incorporation process by filing on their behalf.

Additional Resources

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  • Sponsor, Partner, & Volunteers

  • Speakers Bureau (Income Based)

  • Financial Coaching Service (Income Based)

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