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Image by National Cancer Institute

Transitional Economic Family Program



To provide economic resources and opportunities to heal families through financial education, coaching, and create generational healing. 



To equip young adults by providing access to resources, establishing a network of business professionals, and foster learning opportunities to align with one’s own occupational goals. 



To help change as many families by healing, teaching, and allow individuals a peace of mind through the power of motivation and resource knowledge to obtain financial freedom.


Program Description

The Transitional Economic Family (TEF) program began in 2018 as an Adopt A Family program, through which we provided materials and resources for families during the holiday season. At inception, our primary goal was to ensure vulnerable families had access to necessities during Christmas. Today, the program has evolved to include year-round interventions which focus on the healing, education, and growth of targeted families.

Through our revamped TEF program, Moore 4 More (M4M), is holistically strengthening and encouraging the family dynamic by creating opportunities which empower them to rethink wealth and achieve economic and financial stability. 

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