About Us

Moore 4 More Inc.(M4M) was founded in 2018 to address the lack of financial education, and motivation in vulnerable communities. Basic financial knowledge and resources have been stripped from these communities. This led to the creation of M4M Inc. to take action and become a part of the solution. We advocate in all 50 states yet actively serve Saint Louis, MO, Philadelphia, PA, and Dallas, TX. 

Our organization was created to help men, women, children, and their families through financial education, opportunities, understanding wealth, and creating financial stability. 


We want to create an environment for individuals and families from all walks of life which motivates, create opportunities, and provide financial solutions. Our organization wants to help individuals interested in financial education and stability, wealth building, and the creation of residual income.

Our objective is to work collectively to educate, empower, and encourage individuals and families on their financial journey through experiences, resources, networking and collaborations.


To educate and empower individuals about financial literacy and economic opportunities.


To be an organization which provides opportunities that liberate individuals, families, communities, and future generation to obtain financial freedom.


To inspire vulnerable individuals to reevaluate the meaning of financial stability, economics, and wealth.

"Help Me, Help You, To Help Others" - Kristina Davis

Founders Welcome

I have been incredibly fortunate to experience growth, intellectually and financially. I have also impacted a lot of individuals through financial coaching and wealth development. I appreciate the education and partnerships that I have gained and developed along my journey. There are many people from all walk of life who desire multiple sources of income but are faced with challenges that we manage.

We understand economic success is different to everyone, but it begins with habits, knowledge and understanding the concept of wealth creation. At Moore 4 More Incorporated we plan to help create individual version of financial freedom and generational wealth breakthrough by;

  • Budget Building

  • Credit Education

  • Insuring Legacies

  • Investing In Futures

We recognize the financial struggle of individuals and their families due to the lack of financial education motivation, and support. It is my desire our organization become a part of the economic change we want to see in the world. We believe making a difference in the world “Helping Us, Help You, To Help Others” will provide hope and resources to those in need.

Our Board

Kristina Davis, MBA

Christine Brunson
Vice President

Jasmine Harlan

Isha Johnson
Director of Marketing

Jasmine Payne

Samantha J. Thomas

TEF Committee Chair

Zairia Moore

University of Missouri-Columbia


Nashauntay Robinson

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania


Aliya Vance

Delaware State University