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About Us

Moore 4 More Inc. (M4M) was established in 2018 with a mission to address the dearth of financial education and motivation within vulnerable communities. These communities had been stripped of basic financial knowledge and resources, prompting the formation of M4M Inc. as a proactive part of the solution. While we advocate nationwide, we are particularly active in Saint Louis, MO, Philadelphia, PA, and Dallas, TX.


Our organization was founded to assist individuals of all ages, along with their families, by offering financial education, opportunities, enhancing their understanding of wealth, and promoting financial stability.

Our goal is to foster an inclusive environment that motivates and creates opportunities while providing financial solutions for individuals and families from diverse backgrounds. We aim to support those interested in financial education and stability, wealth accumulation, and the generation of residual income.

Our primary objective is to collaborate collectively, offering experiences, resources, networking, and partnerships to educate, empower, and inspire individuals and families on their financial journey.


To educate and empower individuals about financial literacy and economic opportunities.


To be an organization which provides opportunities that liberate individuals, families, communities, and future generation to obtain financial freedom.


To inspire individuals from vulnerable communities to reevaluate the meaning of financial stability, economic development, and wealth management.

"Help Me, Help You, To Help Others" - Kristina Davis

Founders Welcome

I have been exceedingly fortunate to undergo significant personal growth, both in terms of intellectual development and financial well-being. Moreover, I have had the privilege of positively impacting numerous individuals through financial coaching and wealth building. I am deeply grateful for the valuable education and partnerships that have enriched my journey. It is evident that there are many people from diverse backgrounds who aspire to attain multiple sources of income but encounter various challenges, which we are well-equipped to address.

We acknowledge that economic success varies for each individual, but its foundation lies in cultivating positive habits, acquiring knowledge, and grasping the principles of wealth creation. At Moore 4 More Incorporated, our mission is to facilitate the realization of each person's unique vision of financial freedom and the establishment of generational wealth. We intend to achieve this through the following strategies:

1. Budget Building: Empowering individuals to create effective budgets that align with their financial goals.

2. Credit Education: Providing comprehensive education on managing and improving credit scores, a critical aspect of financial success.

3. Ensuring Legacies: Assisting individuals in planning for a lasting financial legacy that can benefit future generations.

4. Investing in Futures: Equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed and strategic financial investments.

We are acutely aware of the financial challenges faced by individuals and their families due to a lack of financial education, motivation, and support. It is our earnest desire for our organization to be a catalyst for the economic transformation we aspire to witness in the world. We firmly believe that by making a positive impact in the world and adhering to our motto, "Helping Us, Help You, To Help Others," we can offer hope and valuable resources to those in need.

Our Board


Kristina Davis, MBA
Executive Director



Christine Brunson
Vice President



Jasmine Harlan


Jasmine Payne


Jeanna Murat

SDDB Committee



Sam Thomas

TEF Committee



Zairia Moore




Jonet Davis




Natashia Davis



Babajide Yusuf



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